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Maybe you're looking here for a mirror of the Amiga Development CD 2.1 originally hosted on elowar.com? There is also a mirror of the very useful MC680x0 Sections originally hosted on linas.org. Oh and please don't forget about the mighty Aminet!

You feelin' lonely? ... bmakara#AT#gmx#DOT#de

This server also runs a Gopher, a Gemini and a Spartan daemon. Both are my experimental under construction projects. For now there are not many contents there. Feel free to discover the HTTP alternatives here:

gopher://amigadu.de:70 (Still WIP!)

If you are surfing the web with a vintage low end device you may be interested in 68k.news and frogfind.com, both awesome projects are provided by Action Retro.

Sincerely, your monsters

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