is back

Welcome stranger. We're happy to see you here.

This whole project was running for about more than one and a half year on a Raspberry Pi 4 in the past, which suddenly died unfortunately. is back now and I want to do more with it in the future. You can come here from time to time to see the new site growing but please don't expect too much too soon. Please be patient, my free time is currently very limited.

Just to let you know what you can expect here in future: I'm planning a private blog. Nothing more and nothing less. A lot stuff about the Amiga computer, spiced up with some hopefully interesting Linux and development stuff I'm learning or have just found out about. And when there is still enough time and energy left, I'll try to make this site look fancy. Or at least fancier than now.

If you're looking for the Amiga Future news feed for the Gemini and Spartan protocol, here it is:

If you are surfing the web with a vintage or low end device you may also be interested in and, both truly awesome projects are provided by Action Retro.

Have fun and keep the Boing Ball bouncing! :)

Are you feelin' lonely or are there any issues? Contact me: bmakara#AT#gmx#DOT#de

Bartosz (the Amiga Dude)